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Additional Services 

We offer a wide variety of services related to not only swimming pools, but also spas, fountains, ponds - just about anything that holds water. 

**Virginia Graeme Baker Act compliance**

Contact us for a free estimate on your pool drain compliance.  We can provide any repairs necessary as well as certification from a licensed engineer/architect.  Many areas (Wake County included) will require this certification for commercial pools to open in 2010.

Leak detection

Above ground or below, we can take care of that annoying leak once and for all.

Automation Systems

Bring your pool into the 21st century with automation systems that allow you to control your entire pool with a wireless remote, or maybe install a chlorine generation system to reduce your dependence on chemicals.

Your pool is a luxury item meant for enjoyment, not just another line on your to-do list.

Filtration Equipment

Is your pump making enough noise to wake up the neighborhood?  Is it time to replace your filter sand (should be done every 5-6 years)?  Does your light bulb need to be replaced  We can do it for you!

Weekly Maintenance

For those who prefer the most carefree options, we offer weekly or bi-weekly maintenance.  This includes vacuuming, netting, balancing chemicals, inspection of equipment, emptying baskets, and cleaning filters.  Those who are on our weekly maintenance program enjoy 10% off all repairs.

Concrete Deck Repairs and Coatings

Over the years concrete can deteriorate and settle.  Cracks can develop and unfortunately this is often the first thing you see when approaching a pool.  We can provide you with options to make the area around your pool look like new. 

Cover Installations

Safety is a critical issue when it comes to children or pets and water.  Whether you are interested in automatic covers or spring loaded mesh covers, we can help guide you along the decision making process to ensure that your pool is as safe as it can be.

Vinyl Liner Replacement

Depending on the quality of material and your maintenance regimen, vinyl liners typically need to be replaced every 10-12 years.  When it is time to replace it, we can provide a tremendous number of patterns available to fit your taste.  Just call us for a FREE estimate.

Fountains / Water Features

Fountains and water features often share the same design and operation characteristics as swimming pools.  If you have a problem with yours, call us and we will do our best to help.

Spa Repair

Our experienced technicians can handle repairs on almost any permanently installed spas.


Through the use of our very high pressure waterblaster, we can efficiently remove all types of pool paint.  By using water, we avoid the physical and environmental hazards of traditional dry sandblasting.


Feel free to call anytime you have questions relating to your swimming pool / water feature.  Our business is to help you enjoy your investment - so let us know what we can do for you.